Sodding & Mulching


Sodding and Mulching in Clarksville Tennessee

For sodding and mulching in near you call on Clarksville TN Landscaping Services, a local landscaper that knows our stuff!

If you are looking to lay down some new grass in a small section of your home or for a large area of a commercial property; we can handle a project of any size!

Likewise, if you are considering mulching for a flower bed or around the base of your trees or shrubs we have got that covered too (landscaper humor, hehe)!

We can incorporate these services into a larger project or schedule them as a standalone service depending on your needs.

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The Benefits of Sodding

Having a professional landscaper in Clarksville TN lay down sod to refresh your lawn has a number of benefits.

The biggest benefit of having Clarksville TN Landscaping Services lay down sod is ease of the service itself.

Simply have our experts come and take precise measurements of the area in question, order the sod rolls themselves, and prep the ground the night before the delivery and installation (just give your yard a good soaking).

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Sod takes fairly well and will grow very quickly as long as you follow the hydration guidelines, watering it every other day to keep it moist for about three weeks, then tapering off as you choose following that. 

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The Benefits of Mulching

Mulching is an economical and easy way to make your landscaping look amazing no matter if you have a small front yard or a massive commercial property with dozens of trees or shrubs.

Having Clarksville TN Landscaping Services install mulching onto you will help to reduce the existence of weeds (very important for seasonal flower beds), add nutrients to the vegetation that it covers, and adds nutrients back to the soil to help keep your plants healthy year round

Mulch can also be organically dyed a wide variety of colors to match the color scheme of your home and other outdoor features as well!

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Caring for Your Grass in Clarksville TN

Taking care of your grass in Clarksville TN doesn’t have to be a battle against the elements as long as you follow these guidelines from your friends at Clarksville TN Landscaping Services and our sponsors West Palm Beach landscapers

Fertilizer is Your Friend: Most of the soil in Tennessee is clay based and not very nutrient rich on its own. Using the right fertilizer can make a huge difference when it comes to the health of your grass.

Aeration Helps Your Grass Breath: Having us perform a lawn aeration service every year or two will help oxygen, moisture, and fertilizer to reach deeper into the root systems of your grass, helping it be more lush and resistant to inclement weather.

Water Deeply During the Heat of the Day: Yes it is going to get hot but your yard will thank you by being awesome if you avoid watering in the evening if possible. Watering your lawn deeply allows the moisture to evaporate through the system without growing fungus.