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Clarksville TN Gardening Services

We are the local expert to turn to when you need Clarksville TN gardening services!

We offer gardening services for homeowners and business owners alike who want to beautify their properties with flowers and other plants without the hassle and work it takes to make that a reality.

Our gardening experts will plant flowers, apply weed elimination products and fertilizers, and make any other necessary adjustments to ensure that your garden looks amazing and keeps looking that way!

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Planting Flowers For Curb Appeal

You may want to add a dash of color to your home or business by adding a flower bed or several throughout your property; not matter what you choose, Clarksville TN Landscaping Services is here to make it a success!

We start by making sure that we plant what you want (we can help to suggest what might work best depending on what you like), fertilizing the soil properly, and at your option, add mulch to help them receive the nutrients they need as well as benefit from the natural weed barrier mulch provides.

flowers in the garden

Garden Maintenance Service

Our garden maintenance service is designed to be easily scheduled and worry free on your part when it comes to keeping your garden healthy and looking its best!

From providing nutrient rich plant food spikes where needed to weeding and applying pest repelling solutions and more; Clarksville TN Landscaping Services will do everything in our power to keep your garden healthy and vibrant.

We have a number of eco-friendly chemicals that are family and pet safe as well!   Call us now to find out more about our stress free garden maintenance service!

DIY Gardening Tips​

For those of you who do enjoy taking care of your garden in between visits from our experts, we offer the following tips.

1) Water Early in the Day: With the humidity we deal with here in Clarksville during the summer, you want to water your plants and flowers early in the day so that excess moisture overnight doesn’t breed harmful fungal infestations. 
2) Do you put empty eggshells back in the carton after cracking eggs? It’s a good idea because once it’s full you can toss them into a blender and grind them into calcium rich dust you can add to the soil of your plants!
3) If you are having a difficult time with garden pest, try using an organic pest repellent spray made of garlic and mint infused water. Bugs hate it and it is safe for your plants and animals. 

A Professional Clarksville TN Landscaper

We are a professional Clarksville TN landscaper you can count on to make your property look like a picture in a magazine when it comes to your garden!

Having the garden of your dreams, including stress free maintenance, is only a web form or phone call away to  Clarksville TN Landscaping Services!